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January 14, 2009

Sales Simplicity Software has Sales and Marketing Tools
that can drive New Business and Generate Revenue under any Market Conditions

CHANDLER, Arizona --January 12, 2009-- Sales Simplicity Software, the widely acknowledged leader in sales automation and CRM for the construction sector, announced today that 2008 was a year of strong growth and profit, which is all the more remarkable because Sales Simplicity Software consistently defied historical down housing markets to achieve record sales.

An award-winning application, widely seen as the industry’s leading sales automation tool, Sales Simplicity added nearly two dozen new builders to its user base in 2008.  The reason universally cited by the builders who choose Sales Simplicity is the software suite offered them a powerful sales and marketing tool that consistently drove new business and generated revenues in any market conditions.  The builders that Sales Simplicity added to its roster were an international group, with strong sales in the U.S., Canada, and even Costa Rica.

“We are very much driven by our valued client base,” said company president Barry Forbes.  “Builders consistently indicate a need for the ability to generate revenue through easy-to-use tools that worked from a single SQL database.  Further, they want to manage prospects, eleads, CRM, selections, contracts, marketing, reporting, and eblasts, while accessing that same database.  We have delivered that capability in an exemplary, award-winning product, and it’s paid off handsomely.”

Sales Simplicity will once again be displaying at IBS in Las Vegas, from January 20-24, at Booth #C4891.

To add to its strong 2008 sales, Sales Simplicity Software will continue to demonstrate its innovation and industry-leading status by introducing two new enterprise software capabilities in early 2009.

About Sales Simplicity

Sales Simplicity Software, Inc., based in Chandler, Arizona, is the creator and marketer of leading sales automation, CRM, marketing and eLead management tools for new single-family, semi-custom and custom homes; condo and multi-family builders; developers and new-home realtors; and, apartment sales and rental agents.

With its new enterprise sales management, Sales Simplicity is reaching beyond the construction industry with a new range of capabilities

If you'd like additional information regarding Sales Simplicity Software, please contact:

Barry Forbes by email or by phone at (480) 892-2500 ext. 104