Less Than 1.5% of Sales Simplicity Software 240+ Builders Users
Went Out of Business in the Housing Downturn

Jun 9, 2009, 2:24 p.m. EST

Sales Simplicity's Powerful "Return on Investment" Generates Revenues,
Helping Keep Builders Profitably in Business

CHANDLER, Ariz., Jun 09, 2009 (BUSINESS WIRE) -- Sales Simplicity Software, the widely acknowledged leader in sales automation, CRM and marketing for the construction sector, announced today that less than 1.5% of its home builder users went bankrupt in the downturn.  Given that the home building industry has contracted by as much as 75% in many regions and lost more than 5 million jobs, that rate of success is a remarkable achievement that no other sales automation and CRM system can claim.

Sales Simplicity is one of those rare companies that has thrived in the downturn.  Software sales for Sales Simplicity have never suffered and the company remains highly profitable.  Moreover, its success is not limited to U.S. housing markets.  The Company has seen remarkable success in Canada, and has recently fielded inquires from Vietnam, Mexico, Australia, and South Africa.

The reason for its continued success is that Sales Simplicity software is a revenue generator.  With its automated sales processes, and sophisticated email campaign and follow-up management, all Sales Simplicity users are programmed for success.  The Sales Simplicity system already contains pre-optimized critical paths for sales and productivity, mapped right into the software.  Indeed, 98.5% of builders who were using Sales Simplicity three years ago are still in business today.

Today, as builders, developers, and realtors are searching for single-source tools that manage prospects, e-leads, follow-up, selections, electronic contracts, automated email alerts and e-blasts, they can find that in Sales Simplicity, while accessing superior reporting from a single database.  By delivering these tools in one user-friendly application, Sales Simplicity Software has revolutionized business processes, as it automates and monitors what used to require multiple people and multiple applications. The savings are real and tangible.

"Sales Simplicity users often bring us in to replace multiple software systems, and once they have us installed, they discover ways to optimize their sales process in way they had never imagined," said Barry Forbes, Sales Simplicity's president.  "So it didn't surprise me, when we looked back and saw that the overwhelming majority of our users are still in business. In fact, many of them are thriving."

About Sales Simplicity

Sales Simplicity Software, Inc., based in Chandler, Arizona, is the creator and marketer of leading sales automation, CRM, marketing and eLead management tools for new single-family, semi-custom and custom homes; condo and multi-family builders; developers and new-home realtors; and, apartment sales and rental agents.

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